The predominant method of treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

The predominant method of treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

In Israel, doctors clinics Suraski (Ichilov) now use the new method of treatment of pain syndrome facial nerves. This applies to the trigeminal nerve.

Symptoms and causes of trigeminal neuralgia

The sensitivity of the face is provided by the trigeminal nerves. They are placed on both sides of the front part of the skull, the branches to the forehead, cheeks and lower jaw. Neuralgia of such nerve develops as a chronic disease that is constantly progressing.

The man is troubled by intense bouts of pain for a long time on one side of the face (usually the bottom). Shooting toroobrazny pain causes contraction of the facial muscles.

The reason for this phenomenon may be pressure cerebral artery on the trigeminal nerve in the touch. It is located very near from the place where the brain begins. Patients often confuse the symptoms of pain of a toothache and sore throat. If the pain is of a systematic nature, you need to pass diagnostics to confirm the diagnosis.

Therapeutic methods

Therapy neuralgia of this nature can be produced by such methods:

  • treatment with medications (ineffective);
  • surgical intervention in cases of unbearable pain);
  • stereotactic system (stimulation electrodes, Gamma knife);
  • operation without penetration (local anesthesia);
  • treatment of folk remedies.

The essence of the new method

For patients of the clinic Suraski available new method of treating neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve. It consists in the use of stereotactic radiosurgery radiation. The impact on the damaged area of the nerve reduces pain, prevents the creation of pathological reflexes.

The advantages of this technique:

  • use within one hour;
  • the opportunity to be treated as a day patient;
  • the method is non-invasive;
  • the lack of a long process of rehabilitation;
  • available to every patient in clinics of Israel;
  • therapy is carried out by experienced doctors Andro Kaner, IDO Strauss.

Treatment of trigeminal neuralgia using the method of stereotactic radiosurgery radiation gives positive results in most cases.