To treat cancer need during sleep

To treat cancer need during sleep

The cells affected by cancer, night breed faster. This conclusion was made by research scientists of the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

Subjects receptors

The basis of the tests were based on the receptors EGFR (epidermal growth factor) and GC (glucocorticoid). The first is responsible for the growth and movement of cells, and the second is associated with steroid hormone.

The latter receptor is involved in providing energy to the body, keeping it until the end of the day. Important he and metabolic metabolism. The level of glucocorticoid rises in stressful situations, it is called the stress hormone.

To treat cancer need during sleep

Glucocorticoid able to get in touch with steroid messenger EGF, slowing down the process of cell migration. This is possible when there are multiple receptors.

How does the time of day on receptors?

During the experiment on mice found that during sleep the level of steroid hormones is greatly reduced. But the EGFR receptor to be at its peak.

To test the influence of these factors on the development of cancer trials were conducted against the backdrop of the new drug against breast cancer, which contributes to the suppression of EGFR. The experimental mice model of cancer tried to slow down the growth and stop the migration of cancer cells.

Experimental data

Some of the mice received the drug during sleep. The rest of the drug was scheduled wakefulness. As a result, the tumors were of different sizes.

These studies confirmed the possibility of enhancing the effectiveness of some drugs from cancer, if you give them during the night.

According to scientists, a day medication with cancer does not work at full capacity. Ismenius overview of the treatment schedule, will have the chance to improve the effectiveness of existing drugs.