Geha Mental Health Center

Geha Mental Health Center

49100, PO Box 102, Israel, Petah Tikva, str. Helsinki, 1

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Year established: 1942
Number of beds: 166 pcs.
Ownership: State Hospital
JCI accreditation: $clinic.jci_accreditation
Languages spoken: Hebrew

Description of the clinic’s activity

Geha multidisciplinary mental health center, which brings healing to the souls. Helping patients of all ages. Diagnosis and treatment of progressive techniques.

Hospital Geha was opened in 1942 in the city of Petah Tikva (Israel). The modern building has been functioning since 1972, the Center Geha – a laureate of competitions among psychiatric clinics direction for the best medical services provided by specialists.


The facility is built on the full spectrum of medical services mental direction. In the clinic Geha be successfully treated patients from the very young to the older generation. The effectiveness of therapy is confirmed by the low ratio of secondary care.

Treatment of patients with mental disorders based on the initial diagnosis with the further structure of the therapy, rehabilitation, adaptation.

A sufficient level of economic well-being clinic Geha allows you to combine traditional treatment of patients with alternative methods. Based clinics are training centers, kindergarten, courses of treatment with laughter, music, work. This allows for the adaptation of patients to society after treatment.

Advantages clinics

  • working with children who have various mental health issues, developmental disabilities;
  • the presence of a garden and a school for young patients;
  • study of the characteristics of the origin and treatment of high level alarm condition;
  • prevention of suicide in adolescents;
  • personal attention to each patient;
  • supervision and support for older patients with chronic form of the disease;
  • providing assistance at the request of patients and treatment in the direction of social services (alcohol and drug addicts);
  • a close relationship with the relatives of the patient;
  • consultations at various levels.


Successful business plan for economic development clinic Geha provides for the availability of modern equipment.

Cooperation with the scientific and experimental center of Felsenstein allows the introduction of new methods of treatment of diseases of the spiritual nature.

To maintain the morale of the employees and patients are often organized festivals and holidays.

Geha – Healer

Mental health center Geha working in different directions, using traditional and alternative methods of treatment of mental diseases.

Contact details of the clinic Geha Mental Health Center

District: Central District
City: Petah Tikva
Address: 49100, PO Box 102, Israel, Petah Tikva, str. Helsinki, 1
Phone: +972-03-9258258
Fax: +972-03-9241041
Official website of the clinic:
How to get:
Mental health center Geha is located in the city centre, close to medical centre, Beilinson.
Arrival by public transport:

Dan Line
Tel Aviv- 49, 50, 51, 66, 82, 87, 186, 166
Bnei Brak, Ramat Gan – 92
Advance eye – 17, 20, 27
Samaria – 86, 185, 186, 285

Egged lines
Haifa – 921
Sharon area – 551, 561, 571
Rishon LeZion – 164
Jerusalem – 947 to the intersection of genes and replace line 8
Mntb”g – 947 to the intersection of genes and replacing line 8
Beer-Sheva – Direct 995