Galilee Medical Center

Galilee Medical Center

Highway 89, Nahariya, Israel Show map

Galilee Medical Center

Galilee Medical Center

Galilee Medical Center

Galilee Medical Center

Galilee Medical Center

Galilee Medical Center

Galilee Medical Center

Galilee Medical Center

Galilee Medical Center

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Dermatology and venereology


Cardiology and cardiac surgery









Plastic surgery



IVF (in vitro fertilization)

Year established: 1956
Number of beds: 700 pcs.
Ownership: State Hospital
JCI accreditation: $clinic.jci_accreditation
Languages spoken: English, Hebrew, Russian

Description of the clinic’s activity

Medical center Galilee (Western Galilee hospital – Nahariya) is a popular treatment facility among people in many countries. One of the best clinics in Israel provides the opportunity to be treated in a beautiful setting under the supervision of the best specialists.

The base clinic

The Western Galilee hospital was founded in 1956 on the initiative of the government. First of all, it was an item of emergency medical services for residents of Northern Israel.

The clinic was made only urgent and emergency surgery, most commonly associated with emergency situations on the Lebanese border. Later in the clinic Galilee developed new Department that gave the opportunity to expand the range of services.

Activities Galilee medical center

The Western Galilee hospital built on the basis of service in the following areas:

  • the provision of medical services for the population as inpatient or outpatient basis;
  • service affected in case of emergencies at the border;
  • the powerful work of the training centre for young doctors, where there is an opportunity to receive academic information and practical skills;
  • clinical and basic research in the field of medicine for improvements and the opening of new treatment methods.

The activities of the medical center Western Galilee established with the functioning of 62 offices that can accommodate about 700 beds. In which it conducts scheduled and unscheduled operations, accepted childbirth, labor performed and physiological therapy.

Full range of medical services gives you the ability to provide quality care to all comers. Treatment in the clinic of the Western Galilee possible for foreigners. It has organized volunteers who are engaged in major medical tourism destinations.

The predominant characteristics of the hospital

The Western Galilee hospital rather large institution. Its advantage lies in the fact that the clinic is able to perform a lot of operations – 15,000 per year.

The clinic is located in the state submission that gives warranties at the country level. The standard was confirmed by the quality mark in the late twentieth century, namely in 1996. This clinic was in the process of accreditation under ISO 9000 standards.

Another indisputable advantage of the hospital is its location in the resort town of Nahariya. Treatment in the clinic, which occupies a large area, undeveloped recreation, combined with healthy air of the Mediterranean territories.

Technical equipment of the medical center

Clinic management and staff closely monitor the quality of medical services in all branches. The latest developments of modern equipment to treat patients quickly and efficiently assimilated by hospital staff. All operating provided with special equipment with powerful security and sterilization.

To perform complex operations used computerized control system and endoscopic equipment. This allows you to make unique surgery without opening the skull.

The most innovative equipment works in various departments from gynecological to therapeutic. Recently, the clinic has become available to the IVF procedure.

Technical equipment of the chambers makes the patient’s stay convenient and comfortable.

Leading specialists of medicine involved in the work of the Western Galilee hospital. The life and health of patients who are under the supervision of the state and qualified professionals. The Western Galilee hospital in Nahariya – treatment and rehabilitation on the Mediterranean sea.


Contact details of the clinic Galilee Medical Center

District: Northern District
City: Nagaria
Address: Highway 89, Nahariya, IsraelShow map
Phone: +972-04-9107107
Fax: +972-04-9107611
Official website of the clinic:
How to get:
Nahariya is located in the North of Israel, 35 kilometres from the capital of the North, Haifa. From the airport of tel Aviv (Ben Gurion) to medical center Western Galilee can be reached by train in two hours, which leaves every hour.

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