Lowenstein Hospital – Rehabilitation Center

Lowenstein Hospital - Rehabilitation Center

278 Achuza Street, Raanana 43100 POB 3 Israel

Lowenstein Hospital - Rehabilitation Center

Lowenstein Hospital - Rehabilitation Center

Lowenstein Hospital - Rehabilitation Center

Lowenstein Hospital - Rehabilitation Center

Lowenstein Hospital - Rehabilitation Center

Аbout the clinic






Geriatric and gerontology

Year established: 1958
Number of beds: 300 pcs.
Ownership: Proprietary hospital
JCI accreditation: $clinic.jci_accreditation
Languages spoken: Hebrew, Russian

Description of the clinic’s activity

Rehabilitation center Lowenstein on the individual program with the use of modern medical advances. Effective methods to help restore health after injuries of varying severity.

Rehabilitation center levinstein started its existence from 1958, Is, RA’anana, Israel. Provides assistance, both adults and children.

In the hospital Lowenstein can follow the standard course of treatment in almost all areas of modern medicine. The center staff provides all interested persons an opportunity in the shortest possible time to undergo rehabilitation therapy, and physiotherapy.

Here restore their health patients with head injuries and musculoskeletal system. Doctors clinic promptly and effectively remove the patient from post-traumatic shock.

The centre actively cooperates with medfacilities University in tel Aviv. Rehabilitation clinic occupies the greatest number of successful patients made progress.

  • 300 places for rehabilitation;
  • wide profile;
  • highly qualified staff of the centre, with an unmatched reputation;
  • individual treatment plan;
  • convenient chamber;
  • the opportunity to use the services of an interpreter;
  • unique treatments developed by doctors clinic.
  • a high level of service;
  • the presence of the children’s Department;
  • the operation of the center for health Institute and the Institute for evaluation of disability.

Technical base

Equipment rehabilitation center corresponds to modern trends in medical science. All units are equipped with new diagnostic tools, medical center implementing effective innovative technologies of rehabilitation. This allows for faster recovery program.

Individual program of rehabilitation, in the hands of masters of medicine, helps even the most seriously ill patients to quickly return to a normal life. That is why rehabilitation Center Lowenstein has earned the trust of patients from different countries of the world.

Contact details of the clinic Lowenstein Hospital – Rehabilitation Center

District: Tel Aviv District
City: Raanana
Address: 278 Achuza Street, Raanana 43100 POB 3 Israel
Phone: +972-97709094
Fax: +972-9770975
E-mail: hadasye1@clalit.org.il
Official website of the clinic: http://www.clalit-global.co.il/en/loewenstein_rehabilitation_center.html
How to get:
The centre is located in the city of RA’anana, 20 min drive from tel Aviv. The most advanced and cheap transport is the bus. In the center of the country (tel Aviv and surroundings the bus ticket price is just under $2. From the centre levinstein almost all
buses(501, 502, 504, 505, 47, 147, 247…) reach the junction of RA’anana (comet RA’ananna), and
from there you can catch buses to all directions – Haifa, Jerusalem, tel Aviv and other In
the other side buses 29, 39, 229 – will take you to the nearest beach (Herzliya), 47,
147, 247 takes you to the southern part of the tel Aviv beach, 9 – to the nearest station
train (stop Herzliya), 572, 576 tel – Aviv.