Shalvata Mental Health Center

Shalvata Mental Health Center

Hod Hasharon, 45100, Israel Show map

Shalvata Mental Health Center

Shalvata Mental Health Center

Аbout the clinic

Departments: Psychiatry
Year established: 1956
Number of beds: 114 pcs.
Ownership: State Hospital
JCI accreditation: $clinic.jci_accreditation
Languages spoken: Hebrew

Description of the clinic’s activity

Psychiatric hospital Salivate in the city of Hod HaSharon (Israel) – treatment of diseases of primary and chronic nature. Department of open and closed type treat patients of different age groups.

The centre is based in the middle of the twentieth century. The layout of the building and the surrounding area created with specific institutions. This is the first clinic, where he was successfully applied collective methods of treatment of mental illness.

The activities of the centre

Therapy of patients with mental disorders based on the principle of combining different methods, taking into consideration the uniqueness of each case.

After a careful diagnosis is made, the distribution of incoming patients according to the relevant departments, which provide 114 beds. In consequence of the treatment in a couple of days some patients leave the clinic with improvement, the rest are translated into additional short course in other departments.

In the centre there is a differentiation of patients by age and diagnoses. There is a system of detention of patients under duress.

  • excellent work geriatric ward;
  • day hospital for rehabilitation after treatment or for observation of periodic exacerbations;
  • ongoing support for patients with a chronic form of the disease;
  • affordable treatment for many segments of the population of the country and abroad;
  • the opportunity to consult a qualified specialist remotely in the branches of the clinic.

Equipping center Salivate

All departments in the hospital have facilities for patients of different generations. The rehabilitation Department is equipped with modern computer lab, occupational therapy, there is a base for school learning.

Home, warm atmosphere in the hospital and the surrounding beauty and tranquillity of the countryside increases the chances of speedy recovery of the patients. The use of mixed methods yields positive results.

The mental health service of Shalvata provides the opportunity to leave the problems with mental health in the past, or helps to facilitate the flow of chronic forms of mental disorders. Rehabilitation center can effectively and fast restore emotional balance.

Contact details of the clinic Shalvata Mental Health Center

District: Central District
City: Hod Hasharon
Address: Hod Hasharon, 45100, IsraelShow map
Phone: +972 9-747-8532
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Center Shalvata is located in a quiet, almost rural location in the small town of Hod HaSharon in the center of Israel.