Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center

Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center

Israel, bat Yam, str. Keren-Casement, 15

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Number of beds: 228 pcs.
Ownership: State Hospital
JCI accreditation: $clinic.jci_accreditation
Languages spoken: Hebrew

Description of the clinic’s activity

National centre for psychological help Tirat-Carmel (Haifa) helps patients with emotional disorders to improve the state of mental health and adapt to social life.

Hospital Tirat-Carmel is located near the city of Haifa, Israel. 1996. when the clinic opened center for testing on the basis of the Technion.

The clinic’s activity

Tirat-Carmel – national centre of mental health care for patients in different age categories. The hospital is able to take 228 people for in-patient treatment. There are 7 remote departments. The clinic provides treatment and rehabilitation of patients of the country and abroad.

Hospital Tirat-Carmel specializes in family medicine. The staff working in the organized system, providing a full range of services for treatment, occupational therapy, social adaptation. For the harmonious process of treatment of mental illness in the staff included teachers, educators, social workers.

The clinic can arrange long-term surveillance of patients with chronic diseases. Provides assistance with alcohol or drug addicts.

Advantages hospital

  • professional help;
  • long-term monitoring;
  • communication with relevant agencies to continue therapy;
  • rehabilitation and adaptation to social life through involvement in the arts, training, entertainment;
  • social protection of elderly patients;
  • a close relationship with the family of the patient.

Methods of treatment

Scientific cooperation with medfacilities Technological University gives a positive trend in the treatment of many mental illnesses. Progressive methods of medical center bearing fruit in the treatment of schizophrenia.

To create positive emotions in the convalescent center staff invite famous people that give patients their creativity.

In the clinic Tirat-Carmel care for mental health is built on the humane treatment of patients in a warm and homely environment.

Contact details of the clinic Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center

District: Haifa District
City: Tirat Carmel
Address: Israel, bat Yam, str. Keren-Casement, 15
Phone: +972-04-8559222
Fax: +972-04-8559216, +972-4-8559216
E-mail: einat.peretz@pstira.health.gov.il
Official website of the clinic: http://www.tiratcarmel-med.org.il/?CategoryID=180&ArticleID=121