In Israel boys should be vaccinated against HPV

In Israel boys should be vaccinated against HPV

In our days open a lot of sexually transmitted diseases. Developed countries, including Israel, prefer to fight them, first of all, preventive measures.

One of the unpleasant and fairly dangerous diseases – HPV, or human papilloma virus. In men it causes warts, but for women, the virus more dangerous. There are types of HPV that cause dysplasia and cancer of cervix. A small percentage of them, and almost always, the immune system itself cope with such a virus, but even a small percentage means the risk. Many countries prefer to be vaccinated to avoid the possibility of disease development.

Vaccination of girls was approved by the Israeli government in 2013. Taught students the eighth grade. The vaccine, manufactured by MSD Pharmaceuticals and bearing the name Gardasil – has cost the state more than 600 shekels per person.

This year it was proposed to vaccinate not only the eighth-grade girls, but boys, in order to finally avoid the possibility of transmission of the virus.

To prepare the population to vaccinate helped large-scale information campaign, illustrating the danger and speed of transmission.

The relevance of this topic is high, according to statistics, four out of ten 15-year-old Israeli citizens already have experience in sex and usually with peers.

Today the papillomavirus vaccinate 70% of secular girls of Israel. In religious communities this percentage is lower, as is expected because of the faith girls will not have sex before marriage.

The government of Israel suggests that vaccination of boys the right way, as it gives the best possible protection to the citizens from the virus, as is customary in Western countries.

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