Progressive methods of organ transplantation

Progressive methods of organ transplantation

The technique of transplanting organs from a donor who had a documented cardiac arrest, has found its application in medical clinics in Israel. In the summer of 2014 was held two successful transplantation of a kidney from a man thirty years old, who suffered a heart attack. With the consent of the relatives of the deceased kidney were taken for transplantation.

Successful transplantation

After death, the kidney was in the donor two hours without oxygen enrichment. However, this has not prevented successfully make two transfers:

  • one kidney is transplanted into a woman of fifty-seven years in the medical clinic, Rabin, campus Beilinson;
  • the second kidney was transplantability man of fifty-eight years, who was a patient of medicine center, Ichilov.

A new method

In organs from donors who have been the death of the heart, did not receive oxygen. Because of this they could not settle into the patient’s body. Therefore, until this transplantation transplantation could be performed from donors with brain death, but with a beating heart.

In medicine, a number of countries have started to apply a new methodology that supports the organs for transplantation in functional condition.
For the best conservation of the necessary authorities, applies the latest coolant. When the heart of the patient dies, the composition flows through the inguinal artery using a needle.

Step into the future

In medical centers, where he first performed kidney transplants, this technology was used after agreement with the Ministry of health and the National transplant centre.
The successful outcome of kidney transplantations, will allow in the future to preserve the health of many organs taken from patients after ascertaining the fact of death of the heart.