Non-standard treatment of gene mutations in men with infertility

Non-standard treatment of gene mutations in men with infertility

Israeli doctors identified this condition the male body, when sufficient quantities of androgens, is identification. As a result, men are diagnosed infertility.

Such a failure of male genetics leads to decrease, and sometimes to the complete absence of sperm production. In addition, there is a developing body of female type with the absence of the formation of Adam’s Apple, as well as the fatty deposits peculiar to women.

In tel Aviv, conducted an experiment. The young man, which took place in the military, there has been a lack of sensitivity to androgens. The treatment of the patient wore an unusual character. Doctors injected him with mega-doses of testosterone, trying to draw the secondary process of feminization.

After some time, he increased muscle mass was observed enhanced growth of hair on the face and body. Analysis of the male seed showed a positive result. The number of sperm cells increased their activity increased. As a result, the spouse of the patient was successfully fertilized.

Success has been trying to get pregnant and the couple who had the therapy ICSI due to lack of sensitivity to androgen.

The investigators do not believe their discovery revolution in the scientific world. They just proved that for male infertility are due to androgen insensitivity treatment may be successful, although the most incredible method. And if not, then there are no harmful side effects to the treatment process shall not be.

M.D. B. Hait commented on this method of infertility treatment as a non-traditional approach that may be more effective than standard therapy.

These results give the right to consider the problem of a genetic nature relative. Even in hopeless cases, there is a place for a miracle.