Radiation therapy has become safer

Radiation therapy has become safer

Radiation therapies are now possible for patients of all ages. Israeli scientists have developed and will soon start production of an innovative device MercyBeam for a better and safe radiation treatments.

Problems of radiation therapy

Modern treatment with radiation therapy has a positive effect on patients. But in order to pass this course, you need to expose the whole body under high radiation levels. Modern devices in addition to the irradiated tumor and healthy tissue.

Equipment for radiation treatments take a lot of space and requires a special shielded room. Not all hospitals can afford it. Another minus is treated by this method cannot children up to 3 years.

The new device MercyBeam

Using the apparatus MercyBeam, outgoing three-dimensional rays are concentrated on a specific area. The dose of x-ray radiation is amplified in the tumor, and unaffected tissue remains practically without traumatic impact.

Such irradiation can be prevented and the youngest patients. They will be able to stay in the treatment room with their parents, for whom it will be safe.

The advantages of the new system:

  • the photon energy is reduced 100 times using linear accelerators;
  • the device is small in size, light;
  • perhaps mobile use without special storage;
  • the cost is much less.

Will soon begin clinical trials on the first instance.