Sheba conducts testing of new tools for cancer

Sheba conducts testing of new tools for cancer

The Company Efranat Ltd. on the basis of the hospital Sheba medical center in Israel conducts testing of an innovative method of treatment of cancer based immunotherapy based on GcMAF the glycoprotein component globulin factor activation of macrophages. Patrons have donated more than $ 4.5 million for the tests.

Patent Nobuto Yamamoto

Two men who lost their wives to cancer, began to explore all possible ways of finding a cure for this disease. AVI Levin and Boaz Seam became the founders of the company Efranat, which took in developing the idea of a 90-year-old Japanese scientist, Nobuto Yamamoto.

About 30 years Professor was researching innovative approach in the treatment of cancer. The essence of technology in the use of the human immune system. His patent was left without development due to lack of financial support. Therefore, in 2009, a biotechnology company Efranat assumed the costs of the tests.

Clinical studies in Sheba

The innovative technology of the Japanese scientist has found its implementation in the Sheba medical center. 40 people suffering from different forms of cancer, are testing new drugs against cancer.

Sheba conducts testing of new tools for cancer

Working with technology was started first. Scientists have amended the formula GcMAF-based pharmaceutical company Kamada. The tests were carried out on dogs who have cancer naturally. A positive outcome occurred for most animals.

Second wind

An elderly Professor was unable to further develop their achievements. The patent contains no material that has only the manufacturing process, and the basis of assets – the molecule. Because of this, the results of Yamamoto were used by some companies are not completely honest.

And the company Efranat trying to develop material for all rules a Japanese researcher, to give his opening life and bring hope for recovery of cancer patients.

Creating a cure for cancer on the basis of a patent Yamamoto – noble mission of caring people who have experienced the loss of loved ones.