The opening of Israeli medicine in 2015

The opening of Israeli medicine in 2015

Treatment of severe diseases will become much more efficient through innovative techniques Israeli doctors. Previously developed techniques in 2015. will be introduced in medical practice, that once again confirms the high level of clinical research in the country.

1. Non-stationary devices diagnostics, allowing to instantly detect signs of deterioration of health with ADHD or Alzheimer’s disease, to diagnose a concussion and other People can have this device in itself, placing the sensor in a mobile gadget.

2. Immunotherapy – allows you to fight autoimmune diseases and cancer. This occurs through the modulation of the protective system through the dullness of the activity of the immune system and increase immune response.

3. Minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment have been made possible through the use of:

  • surgical instruments company ApiFix for the treatment of scoliosis;
  • laparoscopic mini-ports;
  • continuous research work of breathing without penetration.

It has also become possible to treat mitral valve, without surgical intervention can be observed for nerve tracts in the brain.

Such technologies reduce traumatic effects on the body, allowing it to avoid complications and to speed up the rehabilitation process.

4. Regenerative medicine and cell therapy

Will be available for the treatment of diseases by means of the regeneration and cell therapy. Technology will help with type 1 diabetes, the loss of bone and cartilage tissue, and neurodegenerative disease.

The progress of scientists represented by such achievements:

  • the emergence of institutions in Haifa, where are made the bone to restore;
  • the method of transformation of liver cells into insulin-producing cells for patients with diabetes;
  • regeneration of bone and hyaline cartilage using acellular graft;
  • operations in Orthopaedics and dentistry based on the implantation of bioactive material;
  • autologous therapy of neurodegenerative diseases through stem cell;
  • the regeneration of damaged prosthetic fabric through the introduction of degradable implant is made of a hydrogel biomaterials.

These and other achievements in the near future will begin to yield positive results in the fight against serious diseases.