The Israeli healthcare system

The Israeli healthcare system

Israel has long won the championship in the provision of quality medical services. To take advantage of services in the clinics with full package, it is necessary to have state medical insurance, which makes the health insurance Fund.

Legislative framework

The principles of providing medical services in the country approved a powerful legislative framework that helps to clearly regulate the process of providing this service.

  • The act on public health insurance;
  • The law on patients ‘ rights;
  • The law on the regulation of medical activity;
  • The terminally ill act;
  • The law on organ transplantation;
  • The law on the prohibition of genetic intervention;
  • The law on protecting patient confidentiality;
  • The law on freedom of information;
  • The act MADA;
  • The decree on public health;
  • The establishment of public health.

Rights of the insured patient

In medical institutions of the country the patient is a privileged person. In accordance with the laws, each member of the health insurance Fund has a number of rights that are provided in all medical centers in the state submission and in private clinics private nature, United with them by treaties.

The paragraphs of the Law on health insurance quote, that “the national health insurance will be based on the principles of justice, equality and mutual assistance”. On this basis, all the norms of medical services, the patient is given a wide range of rights.

The laws provide for such rights of patients:

  • everyone has the opportunity to receive quality medical care;
  • before you get insurance, the patient can choose the health insurance Fund in its sole discretion, and they have no right to deny him;
  • the right to receive a full basket of services provided by medical personnel;
  • at any time you can change the health insurance Fund;
  • the right to information about all the possible benefits of a particular service;
  • the right to choose a clinic that is related to health insurance, which issued the insurance;
  • right to submit a complaint to the court about the violation of the agreements;
  • the right to appeal to independent experts, in case of doubt about the competence of the doctor, therefore, the health insurance Fund provides documentation of the patient upon request;
  • the right to maintain information about the diagnosis and treatment process in secret, except for some cases;
  • the right to receive assistance without humiliation and restrictions space;
  • the right to purchase drugs at a reduced price;
  • the right to purchase additional paid medical services;
  • the right to choose the doctor and nurses;
  • the right to treatment abroad, provided that the payment amount does not exceed 250 thousand dollars.


Health insurance in Israel is the centre for the provision of medical services, around which created a system of quality treatment on the basis of a certain number of clinics in the country. The health insurance Fund provides the opportunity through paid money for insurance to get free medical care with a high level of service.


Due to the fact that in the country the office no one, before the patient has the problem of choice: what the cashier is better – one that provides a wide range of services, or one where there is no queue, one that is rich in highly skilled generalists (family doctor) or the cheaper options.

Israel has four offices:

  • Clalit;
  • Leumit;
  • Maccabi;
  • Meuhedet.

What is free?

At the expense of the health insurance Fund hospitalization in the direction or through the ambulance is free of charge. Specified in the basket of services and medicines (in each cashier your list) are provided at no additional charge.

Almost all clinics guarantee to the insured patient free:

  • diagnostics;
  • outpatient treatment;
  • testing in local laboratories (in the absence of the possibility to analyze the company will pay for laboratory tests in another clinic);
  • radiology;
  • the ability to call the doctor at home (in rare cases and partial payment) or an ambulance;
  • prevention (vaccinations, examinations, etc.);
  • advice from a nutritionist.

That is provided on a paid basis?

In a patient who due to his illness cannot be limited free package, have the right to purchase additional insurance. To have extra in case of surgery, transplantation, examination by a dentist, treatment abroad, consultation and examination in clinics private nature. On a fee basis are those drugs that are not included in the list of baskets. Not covered by the procedures of plastic surgery.

How to save money and to optimize the cost of medicine in Israel

Medicine in any country is not cheap. In Israel provides quality care and it costs respectively. Therefore, every customer is important to remember a few secrets that will help save the family budget.

  1. Check payment documents in private clinics in conformity with the established tariffs.
  2. Buy drugs only by prescription, because it entitles you to a discount.
  3. Buying health products (e.g., glasses) make sure that in the store the price is relatively the same with other points of sale.
  4. Turning to the dentist, examine the prices of these services, in order to compare the cost of inspection in the dental clinic. Consult several specialists in order to eliminate the danger ensure healthy teeth.
  5. If you seek medical help through intermediaries, verify their reputation.
  6. Before contacting the clinic, read the reviews of doctors to choose the right specialist.
  7. Negotiate in advance the conditions of care and the cost of individual chambers, so as not to find yourself in an unpleasant situation.
  8. If you select a doctor in a public hospital takes on a big queue, you can contact him privately in the framework of public medicine. If such a specialist practicing in a private clinic, he must accept the patient for free.

Principles of health of Israel comply with humane and partner norms, backed by a powerful legal framework. The insurance program created to help patients, for which guaranteed the necessary rights.