Ziv Medical Center

Ziv Medical Center

Rivka Ziv Medical Center, Maimonides, Safed 13100, Israel Show map

Ziv Medical Center

Ziv Medical Center

Ziv Medical Center

Ziv Medical Center

Ziv Medical Center

Ziv Medical Center

Ziv Medical Center

Аbout the clinic

Departments: Hematology



Cardiology and cardiac surgery







Plastic surgery



IVF (in vitro fertilization)

Year established: 1907
Number of beds: 316 pcs.
The number of doctors: 405
Ownership: State Hospital
JCI accreditation: $clinic.jci_accreditation
Languages spoken: English, Hebrew, Russian

Description of the clinic’s activity

Founded more than 100 years ago, medical center Rivka Ziv is one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the North of Israel. It is situated in the city of Safed. Zeev called the temple of health, whose Windows offer scenic views of the valley, lake Kinneret and mount Meron. Zeev is a first – class clinic that has on its balance sheet modern equipment and highly qualified specialists.

The main activity

Annually in the emergency room of the medical center treats about 73,000 people. Zeev specializes in neonatology, nuclear medicine and medical genetics. Every year the range of medical services expand considerably as the Ziv serves not only Israel, but also people who came from different countries of the world. The clinic provides treatment in almost all the most popular areas of medicine:

  1. General surgery
  2. Vascular surgery
  3. Cardiac disease of varying degrees of severity
  4. Urology
  5. Gastroenterology and other


One of the main advantages of the clinic considered the fact that future doctors are trained directly in the walls of the clinic. Training takes place under the supervision of the most famous diagnosticians and specialists in the field of medicine. Therefore, you can be sure that the service here is provided by qualified staff who have skills in working directly in the walls of the hospital Ziv and under the guidance of the stars of Israeli medicine.

Equipment center

Zeev is equipped with modern high-precision medical equipment for conducting tests, analyses and surveys. The apparatus of the three-dimensional scan with ultrasound allows to identify prenatal injuries, abnormalities, fractures and internal bleeding. The medical center is staffed with 500 beds for General offices.


Contact details of the clinic Ziv Medical Center

District: Central District
City: Safed
Address: Rivka Ziv Medical Center, Maimonides, Safed 13100, IsraelShow map
Phone: +972-4-6828212
Fax: +972-4-6828290
Official website of the clinic: http://www.ziv.org.il/?CategoryID=2285&dbsAuthToken={405155F9-5826-4C2E-A530-9B16C156A650}&rnd=9905796
How to get:

Medical center “Ziv” is situated in a quiet scenic location in the Northern part of Galilee, in the midst of the Golan peaks near mount Meron, in the city of Safed. The clinic assists patients in the tenancy and purchase of medicines, and also provides transportation services.

The official representative of the clinic Ziv Medical Center

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