Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center

Rager Boulevard, PO Box 151, Beer-Sheva 84101 Show map

Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center

Аbout the clinic

Departments: Immunology and Allergology





Dermatology and venereology


Cardiology and cardiac surgery









Plastic surgery




IVF (in vitro fertilization)

Year established: 1959
Number of beds: 1007 pcs.
The number of doctors: 800
Ownership: State Hospital
JCI accreditation: $clinic.jci_accreditation
Languages spoken: English, Hebrew, Russian

Description of the clinic’s activity

Medical center Forty (clinic Forty), located in be’er Sheva, is currently the main multi-functional medical facility for the southern district of Israel.

The centre works as a civil hospital since 1960. Previously it was a military hospital, which began operation in 1948, during the period of hostilities. For a long time remained the only hospital that existed in the region. Moshe Forty, whose name today is the clinic, was one of the initiators and first Director of the health insurance Fund.

Today, the hospital offers patients a wide range of medical services using both traditional approaches and innovative techniques. Development of innovative medical technologies are made directly to the clinic – with specialists working in the medical center, as well as academic staff of the faculty of medicine at the University. Ben-Gryon (located on the hospital grounds).

The clinic has modern equipment, which is regularly updated.

Structural elements

Medical complex includes several specialized centers, each of which operates at arm’s length. Some specialized centres on a regular basis assist patients foreign partner clinics.

It is worth noting that the world-famous Institute of Oncology (characterized by a maximum in the country the percentage of successful transactions cancer patients) and a unique Centre for research and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Center urgent care clinic Forty is the largest in Israel.

International Department

To facilitate direct contacts with patients from abroad at the clinic operates an international Department that provides communication capabilities in multiple languages (including English). Communication is done by email or over the phone and through the Internet.

Preliminary consultations on the choice of the most appropriate forms of treatment of the patient are free.

Benefits and features

  • The hospital is the largest in the country, the number of total transactions in the year.
  •  About 30% of women who give birth in Israel, do it at the medical center Forty (about 12 million births annually).
  • The main principle from which derive the doctors clinic Moshe magpies, is to help the patient suffering from the disease, and not just to eliminate the disease at the level of symptoms. This means the actual pursuit of an individual approach to each patient, which makes it a psychological comfort and guaranteed increases the chances of successful treatment.

The introduction of unique methods of treatment of patients at one time allowed the hospital Forty to gain popularity and recognition, which is relevant to this day.


Contact details of the clinic Soroka Medical Center

District: Southern District
City: Beersheba
Address: Rager Boulevard, PO Box 151, Beer-Sheva 84101 Show map
Phone: +972-08-6400111
Fax: +972-08-6244194
Official website of the clinic:
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The hospital Forty is a 40-minute drive from the Dead sea, 107 kilometers from tel Aviv, 124-x kilometers from Jerusalem.

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